Protect Your Babies from Corners

When you become a parent, you see the world in a different way, you start detecting danger that you never imagined before. Ladders, tiny holes in the road, doors, inclined roads, etc, everything that could damage your baby. Some of those dangerous places are in your home and you must detect them.

Some serious dangers we don’t notice until our baby starts crawling or has grown up a little, are furniture corners.

When my baby boy started crawling, I always did put pillows so he would never hit the table but I wouldn’t be able to do that for a taller table. When my boy was 2 years old, he was tall enough to hit his head if he passed near some tables or other furniture. You may think, “he will see those obstacles and he will skip them”, well, no, babies are discovering the world and they don’t know that the furniture’s corners are wider than the table’s column so it hits it.

Some people think that it doesn’t hurt that much, but they are fragile and they really feel it. My baby boy did hit one corner when he was already mastering walking. He cried a lot and I felt guilty because I knew that there was a possibility to occur and I didn’t cover that corner or removed that furniture from that space. It was until I had to buy a desk for Home Office that I started worrying a lot because the desk corners were too sharp. When I touched them with my fingers I could really feel pain, and I could imagine how my baby would feel if he hits one of those corners, but my main worry, was the eyes, what if my baby hit his eyes? I would never forgive myself for what happened so I had to take action.

We can’t predict the future, but if you know there is a posibility that something bad can happen and you have control that it doensn’t occurs, it is your responsaility that never happens.

I started to search for corner protectors, I had compared many of them on amazon. There transparent and colored. I had to think first about what would my baby ignore most if I put them in the corners. In my case, my desk corners are wooden color and the columns are white so the transparent color would fit.


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The corners I bought are large and transparent.

There are other styles, like circle shape protectors but I decided to avoid that because my kid is very curious so I bought the triangle shape ones, in case my child successfully tried to remove them and put them in his mouth it would be more difficult put it in his mouth.

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Circle Shape Protector

If you want my advice, buy the rounded shape protectors.  They hurt less in case your child hit that protector.  Your furniture may lose style but your kid is more important.

Oscar Castillo
Father of 2, always thinking ahead of what my children needs.

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